Pixure This Media Productions was created to enlighten and stimulate the commonality mentally, physically and spiritually. A sphere intended to stimulate, and educate those of you who don’t know what’s really going on out here in the world.  Intending also to give suggestions and/or solutions that you may not find on any other public and controlled media. If you would like to share any of your own works that you feel will fit this description as well, feel free to post.

Helena Yago, Founder and Candace Campbell, Co-Founder

Helena Yago, Founder, is a film/media production graduate from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI who have a passion for empowering and serving their community, art, music, and spiritual enlightenment. Helena along with classmate and Co-Founder, Candace Campbell, have worked on several projects together and plan to write, direct, and produce more in the future.

Videography services can also be requested here on Pixure This Media, for weddings, parties, electronic press kits, and Legacy videos.  If you are interested in the videography services, please email pixurethismedia@gmail.com.

Peace, Blessings, and Love for all.




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